We have had a busy second half to 2021 and have a packed programme planned for 2022.  Our full Waste Programme is running twice in 2022, along with our regular Waste Collection Permitting and Waste Facility Permitting  events.  There has been a lot going on in terms of waste legislation and policy changes throughout 2018-2022 and we are running our popular Waste Legislation Update again starting in February 2022.    We are delivering Waste Collection Permitting events every 5-6 weeks and the next event is in Tullamore on 3 February 2022.   Next year we are going to change our waste collection permitting training schedule and run regional events across the country.  If you have specific requirements or locations get in touch to discuss this.   

 Waste Management Training Programme
 Wednesday 16 February 2022

Tullamore Court Hotel  February - May 2022

We are delighted to be running an extra waste training programme in 2022 to help people catch up with the backlog of training.  The Waste Management Training Programme forms the basis of the most comprehensive training for the waste industry in Ireland.  The programme offers a menu based choice covering the A-Z of waste management in six 2 day modules and is suitable for those wanting to upskill or update on a particular aspect of waste management. When taken as a whole programme this forms the basis of competent persons training for waste facility managers.    The programme was first developed 22 years ago and has been completely redesigned and updated by ETS to make sure it continues to provide the most relevant and comprehensive training for waste professionals.  We train everyone from waste operative staff through site managers, company directors and owners through to regulators in local authorities, the EPA or producer responsibility compliance schemes.  



 Waste Collection Permit Holder Training Programme
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3rd February 2022, 15th March 2022 and 28th April 2022 in Tullamore.  


This one day programme is aimed at waste managers, drivers and adminstrators  who are responsible for the day to day operation of their waste collection permit.  The courseware was rewritten with updates in August 2021.  The course gives an understanding of the legislation and the requirements of the National Waste Collection Permit office.  The course will deal with the application and review process.  Delegates will have the opportunity to find out everything about permit conditions, have practical experience of using EWC codes and get an overview of Annual Environmental Reporting. Delegates will receive a comprehensive reference manual and copies of the relevant Irish Regulations and useful guidance documents.

 Waste Legislation Update
 Tuesday 22 February 2022

22nd February 2022 in Tullamore

The course is designed for those that have completed training in recent years and need a refresher. The course covers the period 2018 to 2022.   Over this time there were approximately 15 new pieces of waste legislation added to the statute book and the new draft Circular Economy Bill. Some of this legislation amended the Waste Management Act  through the Waste Framework Directive update 2018 and three other European Directives on WEEE, Batteries and the Landfilling of waste.  We will also cover the recent Single Use Plastics Directive and the new Irish SUP Regs introduced in July and the emerging Circular Economy package.  Attendees will be provided with a manual covering all these changes, a set of updated regulations to add to their existing Irish waste ring binder and an updated copy of the Waste Management Act which covers the period 1996 to 2020.  If you're interested in a single day catch up for everything that's taken place in the last three years in the realm of waste legislation, then this is right course for you to do. 

 Planning for waste facility development
 Wednesday 9 March 2022

9th March 2022 in Tullamore


For many waste authorisation projects the starting point is obtaining a planning consent.  Obtaining planning permission can be a complex and lengthy process and often the time and effort required for the planning consent is greater than that for the subsequent waste authorization.  This course looks at the key aspects of the planning process and associated environmental impact and appropriate assessment that is required for environmentally sensitive sites and for many waste applications.  It provides an overview of the planning process applications where environmental impact assessment is required and tackles the topical issue of appropriate assessment screening.  The course is delivered by Billy Moore who has over 40 years experience in local government at Director level and also has acted as an An Bord Pleanala Planning Inspector. 

 Waste Facility Permit Holder Training
 Wednesday 13 April 2022

13th April 2022 in Tullamore


The Waste Facility Permit Holder Training Programme has been developed by ETS to meet the training and certification needs of Waste operators and supporting administrative staff. It identifies key responsibilities arising from the Waste Management Acts and associated regulations and compliance with Permit conditions.  It will help you understand the other aspects of waste operations and the basics of waste facility permitted sites.   We explain the basis of EWC codes for reporting and step by step go through standard permit conditions so you understand the obligations on your company.    An uptodate detailed set of notes is provided for each delegate.      

 Litter Warden Training Programme
 TBA - contact us for details

The Litter Warden training event provides a deep understanding of the issues associated with litter management and covers the litter legislation, regulations and bylaws governing litter management. The course also looks at the practical aspects of Litter and its Environmental impact and thoroughly reviews the issues around enforcing this legislation with the public and organisations. It provides a thorough grounding for those that are new to the role of Litter or Municipal Warden and for those that have been operating in this area for some time it creates an opportunity to update and share experiences regarding changes in enforcement practises. The course is designed for Litter Wardens who work for local authorities and we run this course on request for groups of 8-15 staff. If you have an interest in this why not register with us and if you don't have a group to train we may be able to add you into another group and co host an event at one of the local authority facilities.

 Inspection skills for waste management
 TBA - contact us for details

This course is designed for a range of waste management regulators working in compliance schemes, the EPA or in local authorities.  Carrying out routine and non routine inspections is part of the typical work of an environmental enforcement professional.  The course reviews the requirements of the Waste Management Act in relation to waste operation and waste activities from a legislative perspective, identifying the various components of the Waste Management Act and how they can be used as tools for enforcement.  The course then goes through the key skills required for routine inspections and non routine inspections and how to deal with issues such as interviewing, note taking, evidence gathering and reporting of inspections.  This is a very practical skill designed to help those that need to work in the field and deal with the day to day business of carrying out inspections.  This is a one day course with a number of exercises to help begin to explore and develop the skills needed to be an inspector. 

 Waste Management for Construction Engineers
 TBA - contact us for details

The construction sector generates almost 35% of all the waste in Europe and in Ireland in 2021 will generate 6.5 million tonnes of waste.  Planning waste management in a construction project has become a significant feature of the design and construction activity It often introduces additional cost through unforeseen waste management requirements  caused by contaminated soils and demolition materials.  This course provides information on all aspects of waste management in construction projects.   Specifically this will cover the legal requirements for waste management, dealing with soils, selecting appropriate final destinations, handling asbestos and other hazardous wastes, understanding waste classification and site investigation reports.  Delegates will be provided with a manual on the relevant waste legislation  guidance on construction waste management.  The course also includes selecting waste management contractors, the role of Article 27 by-products and consenting of mobile waste management plant and equipment. 

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