Environmental Training Solutions (ETS) is a specialist provider of environmental training for the public and private sector.   The company was formed in 2012 by Andrew Moag and Pat Keelan, to continue their working partnership established in 1998 in developing and delivering focused training for a range of environmental activities. Pat retired in 2017 and Andrew has carried on to grow and develop ETS.  


Our trainers are internationally experienced consultants in the fields of waste, water, planning and sustainability. ETS provide a broad range of waste and environmental courses.  These range from a single day courses to longer 12 day programmes taken over a few months. We also provide the fit and proper person training for the Waste Collection Permit industry required by NWCPO and for facility permit holders as required by the Local Authorities.  As well as our standard core courses we have developed and delivered bespoke training for organisations with particular needs, including tailored programmes and events.  ETS strives to achieve excellence in the planning, management and delivery of it's training programmes and above all make them interesting, enjoyable and benefical for both sponsors and delegates.  We believe learning can be fun and enjoyable as well as teaching new skills and knowledge.  

Programme content and complexity will vary according to the target audience and will cover a range from operative level to the requirements of technicians, engineers, scientists and management personnel.  ETS provide high quality comprehensive training and reference manuals for each course.  ETS will undertake training in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. For participants from abroad wishing to undertake training in Ireland, special inclusive packages can be arranged to include site visits if required. 

Andrew Moag:

Andrew has been involved in environmental consulting since the early 1990's.  Within a few years Andrew began to develop new skills as a trainer working within the environmental sector.  In 1999 he led the project that created the National Waste Management Training programme for the Irish waste industry.  This was the first time that training had been provided in Ireland and the model stepped away from the UK approach of competence measurement and focused on knowledge and underpinning learning.  Andrew remained involved in the development and delivery of training throughout his time with Enviros and when he set up his own practice in 2004, carried on delivering the waste programme for industry and regulators.  The past decades have seen the development of many new programmes for both waste professionals and regulators and he is now recognised as one of the leading figures in waste training in Ireland.  These have included the NWCPO Fit and Proper person training course and the equivalent training for site facilty permit holders.  

For further information on any aspect of training development, delivery or to discuss your requirements contact:
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