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Assessment of Main Waste Programme

The main waste management training programme is the only course that is current assessed. This provides you with an appropriate qualification when you complete an individual module or the entire course.  Assessment takes place on the second day of each module and comprises a short written test based on the information that has been provided during that module.   Due to the volume and complexity of information presented in Modules 1 and 2  the assessments that accompany these Modules are “open book” so delegates may refer to their reference material and legislation.  The remaining modules 3-6 are closed book assessments based on short multiple choice questions.

Certification of Main Waste Programme.

A Certificate will be issued to participants who successfully complete any module and the respective assessment.  If participants are taking more than one module a combined certificate will be issued when all the modules that are booked have been taken.

Certification of other Waste Courses

On completion of all of our other courses an attendance certificate is issued to delegates.