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Here are some examples of Bespoke Training we have developed in the last 12 months. We hope that this gives you some ideas of how we can help develop your bespoke training for you.

For Bespoke Training Events, we tailor the training exactly to your requirements.  At the outset we carry out a training needs assessment to identify your business objectives.  From here we develop a training plan, taking account of your staff requirements, the time available and your budget.

The majority of these events are delivered at the clients own sites or can be delivered at a suitable training venue.

Example 1

Waste Licence and Permit Awareness

It is a requirement both of waste management licences and waste facility permits that all staff are aware of the conditions of the authorisation. Very often this requires the entire team to be trained on the fundamental conditions of the licence or permit. We recognise it is difficult to close a facility fully and so we typically train these staff on site in two to three groups allowing the operation of this site to be maintained while part of the team is being trained.

This training is tailored to match the site licence or permit and also the typical waste streams that the operator is handling. We provide the training close by in a venue that the operator chooses. Training typically requires three to four hours of time to cover all the aspects required.

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Example 2

Waste Enforcement Workshop

We work with teams of waste enforcement officers helping them develop and improve their skills in relation to site inspection, investigation of environmental offences and using waste enforcement tools under the Waste Management Act and also the Litter Pollution legislation. This is typically through a facilitated event where practical examples of day-to-day waste management issues are explored to help the enforcement staff develop scenarios and solutions that the team can use to deliver their waste enforcement strategy. The workshop can be focused on current topics of interest within the local authority. We help to take basic knowledge and turn it into practical skills which can then be used on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes the workshop is focused on new and emerging legislative tools that are available to enforcement officers or where there is need to upskill new starters or staff with limited enforcement experience.

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Example 3

Waste Operative Training

We provide training for site operatives who work on amenity sites. This training deals with elements of waste licence or permit awareness but also provides further training on waste acceptance segregation of wastes, dealing with the public and the fate of the waste collected on the site. This course is popular with local authorities operating civic sites and also with private sector operators. The training can be delivered on site or close to the site to limit travel for the operatives. We can provide training for half of the staff to allow the other staff to continue to run the facility and then swap these teams over later in the day.

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