Asbestos awareness and inspection skills for local authority staff

1 day course for local authority inspectors dealing with asbestos waste

Who Should Attend:
Local authority regulators, other government regulators and inspectors
This course is co tutored by Alan Lewis and Andrew Moag. Alan manages the NI offices for G & L Consulting offering a broad range of asbestos sampling, surveying and assessment services as well as training for removal contractors, surveyors and all asbestos workers. Andrew has worked with asbestos wastes and carried out site inspections for many years and assists local authoties with fly tipped waste and removal of asbestos from sites.
Delivered to IATP standards and recognised as approved training
1 Day - 9.00am to 4.00pm

This one day programme is designed to provide bespoke training for local authority waste and environment staff that encounter asbestos during the course of their site inspections.  The objective of the training are as follows:


  • Deliver IATP approved asbestos awareness to staff as per the HSA requirement for coming in contact with asbestos
  • Learn how carry out a site inspection safely where the site might contain asbestos
  • Understand how to identify the basic forms of asbestos and look a like materials
  • Understand the risk to human health from sites containing asbestos, including safe working arrangements
  • Understand the health and safety law relating to asbestos
  • Understand the correct waste handling and waste management for asbestos and contaminated soils
  • Understand the correct waste handling and waste management for asbestos after fire damage
  • Understand the testing options for asbestos materials, contaminated soils
  • Understand the public health issues from fly tipped waste and the use of monitoring to assess risk
  • Understand the options for waste treatment on site and remediation of sites including validation of removal works

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