What the course entails

Renewable energy generation and sustainability are key topics these days for almost all industry sectors. Ireland is planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the EU Green Deal and increase biomethane production with ambitious targets by 2030 and beyond. To achieve these targets several hundreds of new Anaerobic Digestion facilities will be needed to replace some of the current use of fossil fuels with biomethane.


This course is just written this year to ensure that delegates are  provided with the most up-to-date information to ensure that they are able to top up their knowledge and stay completely up to date.

Session 1 – AD’s role in the future

  • Definition of Anaerobic Digestion and it’s basic principles
  • EU and Government Policies associated with Anaerobic Digestion
  • Opportunities for AD

Session 2 – Legislative and regulatory environment of AD plants

  • Waste Framework Directive / “BAT”
  • Planning requirements
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Animal By Product regulations
  • Quality Protocol and PAS
  • Renewable Schemes
  • Agricultural guidance and good practices

Session 3 – An AD plant and its main components

  • Feedstock considerations
  • Feedstock reception and pre-processing
  • AD processes – dry vs wet
  • Digestate processing and preparation
  • Biogas management

Session 4 – Commercial considerations

  • Typical capital items – technology providers and interfaces
  • Typical operational cost items
  • Revenue sources
  • Some key lessons from operating plants

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at anyone interested in AD, regulators, designers, consultants, planners or new entrants to the industry who need to know more about the technicalities and practicalities of AD facilities. The course is not designed to develop detailed understanding but to give an all rounded practical overview for people who are taking their first step towards learning about AD or interested in this field either as an investor or a potential future operator.

Course Delivery

All ETS training courses are provided with comprehensive courseware which includes a manual and any other supporting information that is required during the delivery of the training.  Manuals are maintained in an up to date condition and are always relevant to of course that is being delivered.  We design our training delivery so that they not only provide information with powerpoint slides, but also comprise group work and individual exercises to allow delegates to get a deeper understanding of the courseware.  All our courses are delivered face to face and manuals are provided at the event to ensure every delegate has all of the information they need to have a positive, high quality training experience with us.


This course is delivered at either our Dublin or Tullamore venue.


There is no assessment for this course.


A Certificate will be issued to participants who successfully attend the event.

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