What is included in the National End of Waste for Aggregates Decision Programme?

There are a range of bespoke end of waste approvals that have been issued by the EPA to companies wanting to comply with the requirements of Article 28 in the Waste Framework Regulations and produce products from waste.  In 2023 the EPA completed the preparation of a new national end of waste decision for the production of aggregates from construction waste.   The final version of the Decision was published on the 17th October 2023 when registration began for companies to use this now.    End of Waste is a central concept in the Framework Directive and Circular Economy and the development of a nationally available decision  has brought significant opportunities for this sector to improve its recycling performance.  The removal of the exemption from the Waste Recovery Levy of €10/tonne on C&D waste including soils, on 1 September 2024 will make the use of the National EOW on Aggregates even more commercially attractive for the waste industry.

The course sets out the requirements of the new decision in detail and the training takes prospective operators through the requirements step by step to prepare for registrations with the EPA as an approved recycled aggregate producer.  For regulators the course gives a detailed insight into how waste contractors will need to comply with the decision and we have already trained a number of local authority staff on this as part of the courses delived todate.  The course is designed to assist the attendees develop the understanding to prepare their own management systems, the waste acceptance requirements and the sampling and conformity standard requirements that will comply with the EPA standard and allow the operator to register to make end of waste aggregates.  We have run this course 3 times in 2023/24 and expect to run a further event in the Autumn of 2024.


This course was written in 2023 and updated in 2024 to ensure that delegates are  provided with the most up-to-date information to ensure that they are able to top up their knowledge and stay completely up to date.

The course is offered as a one day programme and includes a manual that provides comprehensive details on the new Decision and how to comply with it.    Copies of relevant guidance are also included within a ring binder that contains the manual.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone in an operational or supervising role in the waste processing industry and for regulators, engineers  and policy makers that want to develop an understanding of the Aggregate End of Waste Decision in the Waste or Constructon sector.

Course Delivery

All ETS training courses are provided with comprehensive courseware which includes a manual and any other supporting information that is required during the delivery of the training.  Manuals are maintained in an up to date condition and are always relevant to of course that is being delivered.  We design our training delivery so that they not only provide information with powerpoint slides, but also comprise group work and individual exercises to allow delegates to get a deeper understanding of the courseware.  All our courses are delivered face to face and manuals are provided at the event to ensure every delegate has all of the information they need to have a positive, high quality training experience with us.


This course is delivered at both our Dublin or Tullamore venues.


There is no assessment for this course.


A Certificate will be issued to participants who successfully attend the event.

National End of Waste Decision on Construction Waste Aggregates - Dublin 10-24

City North Hotel
23rd October 2024
9.00am - 4.00pm
Course Cost : €450

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