What is the Waste Enforcement workshop Training?

This one day course is designed to create a facilitated event for a team of enforcement staff who want to develop their skill level in inspection, compliance assessment and enforcement.  It is assumed that the staff have an understanding of regulation already but want to focus on developing their enforcement skills.  Enforcement is an activity that requires judgement and personal skills that extend beyond a knowledge of the legislation.  Each local authority has a different approach to this in their functional area.  The workshop provides a platform to explore the objectives of the authority and agree common approaches to dealing with operators and waste producers or collectors.


The course content can be in any form that the authority wants.  It is typically not an information led manual based event but a facilitated event.  The scope of the day is agreed with the team leader beforehand but is often free form and led by the discussion and audience.  For example common issues that are included result from general discussion on the common problems or trends in waste activities in the area in which the staff are working.  This may lead to topics such as S14 Directions, use of fixed payment notices, serving of notices or other practical matters around evidence gathering or cautioning.  Contact us and discuss your requirements and we can design a workshop that everyone will find useful.

Who is this course for?

This is a regulator only course and is designed for local authority staff regulating facility permits of certificates of registration.  This includes engineers, scientists and technicians and administration staff.

Course Delivery

All our courses are delivered face to face and manuals or handouts are provided at the event to ensure every delegate has all of the information they need to have a positive, high quality training experience with us.  This event is largely focused on discussion and note taking rather than information manuals.


The course is typcially run at a local authorties venue.


This course is not subject to assessment at present.


A Certificate will be issued to participants who successfully attend the event.

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Waste Enforcement Workshop

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