What is the Waste Facility Permit Holder Training?

This one day course is designed to explain in detail everything about waste facility permit authorisation.  All waste activities require either a waste licence, facility permit or a certificate of registration.  This course is designed to help operators understand the requirements of the authorisation and comply with it.  On the course we explain the legal basis for waste facility permitting and the processes involved in making a successful application for a site permit.


The course begins with a review of the waste management legislation relating to Waste Facility Permits and Certificates of Registration.  The course examines the process for applying for, managing and reviewing the permit. It provides clear guidance on the use of waste classification, waste testing and selecting appropriate EWC codes.  The course also looks at practical aspects of site management, the environmental issues typically found on sites and how to prepare for and deal with regulatory inspections.  We examine the issues associated with End of Waste and By Products and how these affect permit holders.  Standard permits are discussed and individual conditions examined in a systematic way.  Other associated waste regulations are covered.  The course concludes with details of the Annual Reporting system.

Who is this course for?

The holders of facility permits of certificates of registration or staff working on these facilities.  This can include managers or owners of the business or key employees who have important roles on the facility.  We offer a shorter ½ day more rudimentary course for site staff who require awareness of the waste facility permit or certificate of registration.

Course Delivery

All ETS training courses are provided with comprehensive courseware which includes a manual and any other supporting information that is required during the delivery of the training.  Manuals are maintained in an up to date condition and are always relevant to of course that is being delivered.  We design our training delivery so that they not only provide information with powerpoint slides, but also comprise group work and individual exercises to allow delegates to get a deeper understanding of the courseware.  All our courses are delivered face to face and manuals are provided at the event to ensure every delegate has all of the information they need to have a positive, high quality training experience with us.


The course is run at the Tullamore and Dublin venues 2-3 times a year.


This course is not subject to assessment at present.


A Certificate will be issued to participants who successfully attend the event.

Book the Training Course:

Waste Facility Permitting 11-24

Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork
Date to be confirmed November 2024
9am - 4pm
Course Cost : €450

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