What is the Waste Legislation Update Programme?

Staying on top of current legislation and policy is an ongoing process for many people.  We recognise this is time consuming and for many busy professionals it is a task that is hard to find time to get completed.  We offer routine legislation updates for delegates who have completed our detailed waste legislation courses offered in our main Waste Training Programme as Modules 1 and 2. Developing an understanding of waste legislation is not something that you achieve overnight, but it is an ongoing learning experience more akin to a journey.  Waste legislation constantly evolves and changes to meet the needs of society and also to respond to changes in the European statue book.


This course is refreshed before each event to ensure that delegates are always provided with the most up-to-date information to ensure that they are able to top up their knowledge and stay completely up to date.

The course is offered as a one day programme and includes a manual that provides comprehensive details of the changes that have occurred  in the previous two to three years.  Copies of relevant legislation are also included within a ring binder that contains the manual.   We also provide an up-to-date copy of the consolidated version of the Waste Management Act, currently 1996 to 2022.  This course is most suitable for candidates that have a background in waste management legislation ideally having completed Modules 1 and 2 in the last 2-3 years.  For anyone moving into the waste management sector for the first time, we recommend that they complete the courses on the main Waste Management Programme.

Who is this course for?

This legislation update is a complementary course for our foundation training in waste legislation in Modules 1 and 2.    This course is ideally suited to both waste management professionals working in the private sector and also waste inspection and enforcement staff working in regulation.

Course Delivery

All ETS training courses are provided with comprehensive courseware which includes a manual and any other supporting information that is required during the delivery of the training.  Manuals are maintained in an up to date condition and are always relevant to of course that is being delivered.  We design our training delivery so that they not only provide information with powerpoint slides, but also comprise group work and individual exercises to allow delegates to get a deeper understanding of the courseware.  All our courses are delivered face to face and manuals are provided at the event to ensure every delegate has all of the information they need to have a positive, high quality training experience with us.


This course is delivered at either our Dublin or Tullamore venue.  We have also provided this as an inhouse training event for some local authorities at their Council training facility.


There is no assessment for this course.


A Certificate will be issued to participants who successfully attend the event.

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