Asbestos awareness and inspection skills for local authority staff

All staff employed who encounter asbestos in the course of their job are required to be trained to deal with the risks and the asbestos material.   Asbestos handling is a specialist activity but for many environmental inspectors they come across asbestos while carrying out non routine site inspections.  Typical asbestos awareness courses do not cover all the skills needed to deal with this so ETS have prepared a bespoke training programme in conjunction with accredicated asbestos trainers G&L Consulting to deliver IATP approved training.  The learning outcomes are:

  1. Be aware of the key risks and correct approach to handling asbestos wastes
  2. Be able to identify likely asbestos materials during inspections
  3. Be able to implement the correct safety approach to undertaking any site inspection relating to asbestos issues and know when to withdraw from the site
  4. Be able to prepare a short action plan for quantifying and identifying the type, nature and extent of asbestos contamination
  5. Be able to select the correct type of asbestos worker/surveyor to prepare an site assessment
  6. Be able to list the actions needed to securely manage flytipped asbestos containing waste or asbestos contaminated wastes arising on a site
  7. Be able to outline the possible suitable approaches to dealing with the asbestos wastes

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