Planning for waste facility development

Planning for waste infrastructure is the starting point for many developing new waste sites or modifying a waste authorisation.  Planning is regarded by many as a difficult area to understand and it is essential that the correct planning foundation is in place before waste licences or permit applications get underway.  For permitted sites, planning is a prerequisite

for the application process.    Details around appropriate assessment and environmental impact assessment are also key factors that need to be addressed as part of the preparation for waste facility development.  This course looks at the overall planning framework and the different types of applications and requirements for making them.   The course has been written and developed by an experienced team of consultants lead by the course tutor Billy Moore.  Billy has acted as an An Bord Pleanala inspectors after many years working on all aspects of planning and development control.   The course is aimed at waste facility and quarry operators, consultants, local authority waste management staff or others who need an overview of the development planning system.  The course covers 

  • Planning Legislation in Ireland
  • The Planning Process
  • Strategic Infrastructure
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • The Habitats Directive and Appropriate Assessment (AA)
  • Statutory Procedures and Soil Recovery Facilities
  • Statutory Procedures for Quarries

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