Waste Facility Permit awareness

This course is principally designed for waste facility permit holder staff other than the site manager who should complete the single day waste facility permit holders course the ETS operated. This course assists companies in complying with their statutory obligation to provide Waste facility permit awareness training for their staff to ensure that the staff understand the requirements of the permit under able to play their part in delivering compliant operation.  We typically run this course for small groups of 5 to 10 staff sometimes rotating staff between shifts to ensure that the site can carry on operating while staff are trained in more than one group.  We cover the basic requirements of the waste management act and the facility permit regulations and focus mainly on the conditions within the waste facility permit and ruled that the respective staff have to play in that. We make staff aware of the site layout its operation environmental emissions and the issues around emergency response and contingency planning. The course can be delivered in three to five hours depending on the complexity of the activity and how the operator would like it to be delivered. Of course is generally tailored to the specific permit and we undertake a preliminary site visit with the site manager and management team to agree the objectives for the training and ensure it is focused on the activity.

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