Waste Legislation Update

This single day waste legislation update is designed for those that have completed training in recent years and need a refresher. The course covers the period 2018 to 2021 and over this time there were approximately 15 new pieces of waste legislation added to the statute book. Some of this legislation amended the Waste Management Act introducing changes brought through the Waste Framework Directive and three other European Directives on WEEE, Batteries and the Landfilling of waste.  We will also cover the recent Single Use Plastics Directive and the emerging Circular Economy legislation package.  Attendees will be provided with a manual covering all these changes a paper set of updated regulations to add to their existing Irish waste ring binder and an updated copy of the Waste Management Act which covers the period 1996 to 2020. The course will also include some policy updates and updates on topical issues such as End of Waste and Article 27 byproducts and review ther new Circular Economy Bill. If you're interested in a single day catch up for everything that's taken place in the last three years in the realm of waste legislation, then this is right course for you to do. It's designed to be suitable for those that have a good basic knowledge of the waste legislation through other training that ETS is delivered up until 2017 or 2018.

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