Waste Management for Construction Engineers

The construction sector generates almost 35% of all the waste in Europe and in Ireland in 2021 will generate 6.5 million tonnes of waste.  Planning waste management activities in a construction project has become a significant feature of the design and construction activity and often introduces additional cost through unforeseen waste management requirements  caused by contaminated soils and demolition materials.  This course provides information on all aspects of waste management in construction projects.   Specifically this will cover the legal requirements for waste management, dealing with soils, selecting appropriate final destinations, handling asbestos and other hazardous wastes arising from demolition and understanding waste classification and site investigation reports.  Delegates will be provided with an up to date manual on the relevant waste legislation and uptodate guidance on construction waste management.  The course also includes selecting waste management contractors, the role of Article 27 by-products and consenting of mobile waste management plant and equipment. 

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