We have now returned to face to face training events from June 2021.   Our next event is the Waste Legisaltion Update on 29th July 2021 in Tullamore.  We are offering a full waste training programme plannned for Sept-Dec 2021 as normal. We will be running single days courses in Tullamore on waste facility permitting and collection permitting on 4th and 11th of August 2021 in Tullamore and 7th and 6th October 2021 in Cork.  We look forward to welcoming delegates back to all our events.     

Waste Management Training Programme

Tullamore Court Hotel  Now Open for Booking September - December 2021 

Waste Management Legislation Update

Tullamore Court Hotel  29th July 2021

We are delighted to be restarting the delivery of the main waste training programme from Autumn 2021.  The Waste Management Training Programme forms the basis of the most comprehensive training for the waste industry in Ireland.  The programme offers a menu based choice covering the A-Z of waste management in six 2 day modules and is suitable for those wanting to upskill or update on a particular aspect of waste management. When taken as a whole programme this forms the basis of competent persons training for waste facility mangers.    The programme was first developed 22 years ago and has been completely redesigned and updated by ETS to make sure it continues to provide the most relevant and comprehensive training for waste professionals.  We train everyone from waste operative staff through site mangers to regulators in local authorities, the EPA or producer responsibility compliance schemes.  



Waste Facility Permit Holder Training  Now open for booking 4 August 2021 Tullamore and 7 October 2021 in Cork.


The Waste Facility Permit Holder Training Programme has been developed by ETS to meet the training and certification needs of Waste operators and supporting administrative staff. It identifies key responsibilities arising from the Waste Management Acts and associated regulations and compliance with Permit conditions.  It will help you understand the other aspects of waste operations and the basics of waste facility permitted sites.   We explain the basis of EWC codes for reporting and step by step go through standard permit conditions so you understand the obligations on your company.    An uptodate detailed set of notes is provided for each delegate.  Our course is excellent value and includes the training manual, certification, refreshments and a full 2 course lunch.    

Waste Collection Permit Holder  Now open for booking 11 August 2021 in Tullamore and 6 October 2021 in Cork


This one day programme is aimed at waste managers who are responsible for the day to day operation of their waste collection permit.  The course gives an understanding of the legislation and the requirements of the National Waste Collection Permit office.  The course will also deal with the application, review and renewal process.  Record keeping, use of EWC codes and the production of the Annual Environmental Report will be dealt with in detail during the training.  Delegates will receive a comprehensive reference manual and copies of the relevant Irish Regulations and Consolidated Waste Management Act.

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