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This year we launched a new course called the A to Z of the Waste Management Act 1996-2022. The Waste Management Act is undoubtedly one of the most important documents that influences the day-to-day operation of the waste industry in Ireland, yet many people that work in waste management do not have a good overview of this key legal framework document.    This course looks at the history of the formation of the Act in the early 1990s when waste management was operated on a much simpler basis with very little regulatory control.  It charts the progress of the Act from 1996 through to the present day,  highlighting major changes that have occurred during the evolution of the Act.  No matter what your background or experience you are sure to learn something new from this comprehensive course which has been prepared to take into account all of the changes up to and including the Circular Economy and Miscellaneous Provisions Act in 2022.   The Circular Economy Act 2022 is nearly fully implemented so its a great time to take this course and find out about how the Waste Management Act has changed. As well as a comprehensive manual delegates will receive an up-to-date copy of the consolidated Waste Management Act 1966-2022.  This is the first time a course such as this has been available and while many people have looked at small portions of the Act,  they have never had the chance to see the Act is dealt with from start to finish in one course.   We hope this course will be popular and expect to run it again later in 2023 or early 2024.  It is especially suitable for regulators who need that overview of the entire document in order to work with each Part of the Act.  

Waste Management Act

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New A-Z Waste Management Act Course launched May 2023 | Environmental Training Solutions 2023